Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem
Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem Lure II Tandem

Lure II Tandem

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Feelfree is now offering a tandem fishing kayak to round out our Lure Series. Based on the same amazing comfort, stability and versatility anglers demand out of a kayak – only x 2! With 2 complete cockpits featuring the removable sonar & electronic sonar pod, standing platforms and patented Gravity Seats, the Lure II cuts no corners to offer the best for two anglers.

Looking for the version with the Overdrive Pedal System? Click here!

The kayak also comes with a variety of unique features seen on the Lure series including the patented Wheel in the Keel and sturdy molded in handles. Like most Feelfree kayaks, the Lure II comes with everything you need to get out and go fish including the Uni-Track system for unlimited outfitting configurations, flush mounted rod holders and a large tankwell to store your fishing gear or a cooler. What sets the Lure II apart from other tandems is the multi-configuration options. Paddle with a friend or family member, one can control the boat and keep an eye on the fish finder while the other fishes and vice versa. The Lure II can also be paddled as a solo kayak from the rear seat position – with a multitude of options. In the solo position, you can remove the front Gravity seat providing even more room for standing and storage, add a stand up bar to sight cast or cooler to sit on. Stand, sit high, sit low, one or two anglers, pedal*, paddle, power* and go fishing, the Lure II will be the one boat that can truly replace them all. The Lure II Tandem is Overdrive, Motordrive and rudder ready (*sold separately).
LENGTH: 14' 2"
WIDTH: 36"
WEIGHT: 105 lbs (without seats)
CAPACITY: 500 lbs 

Patented Wheel in the Keel
Molded in handles
Recessed fittings
Molded in paddle park
Drain plug
Patented Gravity Seat x2
Removable Sonar & Electronic Pod x2
Front hatch
Front Uni Track rail
Mid Uni Track rail
Rear Uni Track rail with tie down system
Molded-in crate recess
Fishing rod holders
Stand up leash x2
Standing pad

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Build Quality/Customer Service

Overall my experience with Feelfree has been excellent! Around first of the year I started researching sit on top fishing kayaks. Through this research I determined Feelfree offered the best value and gave you the most for your money, especially when compared to overpriced brands such as Hobie. I was wanting Lure II with overdrive but no inventory so bought Lure II and added overdrive and 8-ball steering, install was a breeze. Had a minor issue with steering cable bound up in 8-ball mechanism but contacted Feelfree and they sent replacement cables no questions asked. One thing I really like about overdrive system is I have the option of adding motor at later date with simple plug and play install as opposed to going through complicated trolling motor or other motor retrofit. Zero gravity seats are amazingly comfortable and I believe to be the best kayak seats available. Feelfree kayak design and color options are second to none. Last but not least I can not say enough about Elliott, Joe and the rest of the team at Feelfree, every email I have sent with questions has been answered promptly which speaks volumes for their customer service. Geaux Feelfree!!!!!!!



Here is my overview of the LURE II Tandem Kayak with a rating scale of 1-5 (5 being the best). I want to be fair in my assessment and use the following categories: Delivery, Weight, Quality, Stability, Maneuverability, Comfort and Transportability. Delivery: It took 30 days for delivery of our LURE II Tandem Kayak. This was courtesy of COVID-19. COVID-19 scored 0 out of 5/Unsatisfactory. Weight: The delivery truck driver stated that the shipping document showed the Kayak weight was 100 pounds (not true). The advertised weight is 105 lbs. without seats. I weighted the LURE II Tandem Kayak with 2 Zero Gravity seats, the ****** Tail Rudder and Stand up Bar that I installed. I used scales that I use to weigh aircraft. Total weight was 138.8 lbs. The one word to describe the LURE II Tandem Kayak is HEAVY. So in the weight category I will rate is 3 out of 5/Satisfactory. Quality: This is subjective but I would rate the Quality 5 out of 5/Excellent Quality. Stability: The LURE II is very stable getting in and out at the dock and along the shore. The LURE II is a Very Good platform for fishing. My wife and I felt that only one person at a time could stand up, as with any boat you must keep your center mass over the center line of the boat. The LURE II can be easily tip over if you are not paying attention to your center of mass. My wife wants me to remove the front stand up bar, stating that it only gets in the way and does not add to the stability of the Kayak. On a side note: my concern was if my wife fell overboard, she would grab the stand up bar and flip the boat. If she just fell overboard, I would be in a better condition to help her. So without the Stand up Bar, Stability gets a 4 out of 5/Very Good. Maneuverability: One of the first things we noticed was that we kept hitting each other’s paddles while trying to reach a rowing rhythm. So we will have to order the seat rails to be able to adjust the front seat forward. I would say that the ****** Rudder is a must have item on the LURE II Kayak. We tried maneuvering with the rudder up and down, with the rudder up out of the water it took a lot more effort to turn the Kayak and more coordination. I will add speed into this category. In our 16’ Old Town canoe, using Kayak style paddles. We were able to cruise @ 5-6 miles per hour according to our GPS. The LURE II was a struggle to hold 3 MPH. The weight of the LURE II really reduced the speed. Yes you guessed it Maneuverability gets a 3.5 out of 5/Satisfactory. Comfort: I’m still looking to for the most comfortable seat. Don’t get me wrong the Zero Gravity seats are comfortable but I was seating on it for more than 5 hours. The LURE II has plenty of leg room and adjustable foot pads are nice as I adjust them to get better comfort. Over all comfort is 4.5 out of 5/Excellent. Transportability: The LURE II is a little over 14’ long, 36’ wide and ours weighs in at about 130 lbs. (without the stand up bar). We can load the LURE II into the back of our truck and go to the lake or pond for a day outing but it’s not going on the top of our car like other Kayaks and canoes. It is just too HEAVY and bulky. The Keel Beam wheel does help but you will still need a Kayak dolly to transport it any distance. It really takes 2 people to lift and handle the LURE II. The transportability is subjective to how much you can lift. I rated the transportability @ 2.9 out of 5/Satisfactory. I just could rate it as a 3 because it is bulky and heavy. Overall: We gave up speed and agility from our 16’ Old Town Canoe for comfort and stability in our Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak. The LURE II gives us a great platform for fishing as long as we are not in a hurry to get to our favorite fishing spot. So far the LURE II is meeting our Pan fishing expectations. So I would recommend the LURE II Tandem Kayak as long as everyone purchasing the Kayak understands the empty weight Vs. the operational weight of the Lure II. My overall rating of the Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak is 4 out of 5/Very Good.