Fishing Kayaks

Feelfree fishing kayaks are made for kayak anglers of all skill levels. Elevate your fishing experience with our pedal, paddle, or motor drive fishing kayaks.  Access less pressured water and find the big fish.

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An Angler's Best Friend

Kayak fishing has become very popular over the last few years, and for good reason. Kayaks can access more water and disturb fewer fish than bigger boats with motors. They are also easy to transport: Feelfree kayaks are the only kayaks that come equipped with an integrated wheel; our patented Wheel-in-the-Keel, for easy transport from your vehicle or trailer to the boat launch.

Our sit-on-top fishing kayaks come in a variety of different propulsion options: traditional paddle, pedal, or motor capable when you pair the Motordrive with the Overdrive Pedal System.

Pedal drive fishing kayaks let your feet control your position while your hands focus on fishing. Our Motordrive kayaks allow you to cover more water with less exertion so you can fish all day long.

Our fishing kayaks meet any angler's needs with unlimited outfitting configurations, comfortable seating, and ample storage space for accessories and gear.