Pedal Kayaks

Pedal drive kayaks are a great choice for fishing, recreational kayaking, and exercise.  Propel across the water hands-free with a pedal drive kayak and elevate your kayaking experience.

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Advantages Of A Pedal Drive Kayak

Pedal drive kayaks allow you to be more efficient on the water than traditional paddle kayaks, so you can reach your destination quicker and go longer distances with less exertion. Our pedal kayaks come with rudders and steering designs which offer excellent tracking on the water.

Fishing pedal kayaks have great stability for fishing and comfortable seating for longer days. You can be more stealthy on the water and disturb fewer fish with a pedal drive kayak, and you can hold your position with your feet while your hands focus on casting or fighting fish.

Add our Motordrive unit to any Overdrive Pedal System, and you’ve got forward and reverse, pedal or power-driven capabilities in one single unit.