Introducing a new series featuring our Brand Ambassadors, Pro Staff and Competitive Team Members. The Feelfree US family of brands has over 60 Team Members throughout the nation and our formal introduction of each member is long overdue with some members who have been with us since 2015! You've probably seen us feature their pictures on social media, had a question answered on one of the group pages or perhaps crossed paths at a local tournament. In this series we will ask them each a collection of questions so we can all get to know them a little better. 

  • Featured Team Member: Dean Limb - Pro Staff
  • Location: Klamath, Oregon
  • Public Profile: Instagram

Welcome Dean, tell us a bit about yourself..

I am married and I have a 2 year old daughter. I am currently an EMT on an Ambulance that runs out of our local fire district in Oregon. Before working on the ambulance, I was a small business owner (gym) for almost a decade until COVID put me out of business and before that I was an Intelligence Specialist in the US Navy for a little over 5 years.

What got you into kayak fishing and do you compete?

I grew up fishing creeks and rivers. My dad bought a boat when I was in high school and I did a bit of fishing on the lakes around my home. So when I saw a fishing kayak for the first time I realized all the possibilities that could be realized without the cost or problems involved with owning a Boat. Now what made me really get deeper into kayak fishing can best be described as providence. When I am out on the water things seem to make sense and life seems to be easier. I kayak fish primarily to escape the rat race, so competitions are not my main priority. I do compete from time to time in bass tournaments and online tournaments... but I would say that is about 10% of my focus. I hunt big fish and the problem solving involved with it is what keeps me going. When I have dialed in a fishery it becomes boring and I generally move on to the next project. I am a multi-species angler which is another reason why tournaments are not that appealing - I like to take advantage of the gifts my local fisheries have to offer. That being said, Bass blowing up on topwater is hard to beat.

What does it mean to you to be a Feelfree Fishing Team Member?

For me it means opportunity, I run a podcast with my friend Chris (Yaktactics) and being on the team has connected me with fisherman all over the world. I also really enjoy flying my drone and photography. So being on the team gives me an outlet and a way to use my skills. The guys on the team are great and they come into the industry from many different angles which I think helps when you have questions about gear, species, setups etc. I have been beyond blessed to be on the team and the doors it has opened to relationships and companies is truly something special.

What’s in your Feelfree armada and gear box? 

I have owned every fishing kayak Feelfree makes and I truly believe that the Moken V2 is the best river fishing kayak made (when I say rivers I mean small/medium sized). I really love the blend of maneuverability, speed and comfort of the Moken V2 and it fits my grab and go needs perfectly. I run a Lowrance HDS live 7 as my primary graph and as far as tackle is concerned I have a lot of everything - I am a collector of techniques so to say what tackle is my favorite is hard. I'll use anything that will help me land that big fish I am after.

You are one of the few team members that lives in the Northwest, tell us more about what makes kayak fishing in your region different than most?

The fish! We have your normal warm water species but we also have the ocean, large trout, fast rivers, deep lakes, big reservoirs, etc.

That said, what’s your favorite species of fish?

I am blessed to live in a place with very large trout but to say they are my favorite, probably not. I do not have a favorite species but if anything I have favorite moments. My first teener Walleye on the Columbia trolling at night... my first double digit rainbow... my first double digit Brown Trout.. my first 20+ pound Lake Trout... my first 8 plus foot Sturgeon... my first Lingcod from the ocean... you get the point!

What advice can you offer newcomers to the sport of kayak fishing?

Learn everything you can from everyone and don't try to get sponsors/go pro right off the bat. Give the fishing a chance and let the other stuff come organically.

Thanks for your time Dean, be sure to follow him on his Instagram account!

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