Feelfree Dorado

Feelfree US

the pinnacle of kayak fishing

Designed for the serious angler, the boundless adventurer, the one who’s ready to launch well before sunrise and isn’t phased by the sunset — get out and discover more with the award winning Feelfree Dorado.

paddle • Pedal • Power

Whether you choose to paddle, pedal or power it up, the Dorado's most sought after feature is it's multi-faceted propulsion capabilities. This is made possible by the Overdrive Pedal System - a modern evolution of pedal and powered kayak propulsion technology offering effortless speed, ease of use and adaptability. It is the only two-in-one system that offers forward and reverse pedal or power driven capabilities in one single unit when paired with the Motordrive add on unit.

integrated electronics system

The Dorado is outfitted with a removable utility and control battery box with a fully integrated wiring system. This makes it easy to upgrade your Overdrive with a Motordrive (Feelfree's all in one motor system), install a fish finder or recharge your phone and other electronic devices without having to run additional wiring. Never worry about being left behind or out in the dark!

comfort features

The Dorado was designed for lengthy days on the water and to help minimize fatigue, Feelfree took the already popular Gravity Seat and made it better with a high back for best in class comfort. But it's not just about the seat, comfort comes in many forms from the position of the 8 Ball Steering system to the soft padded decking for a comfortable step so you can stay focused on what matters most - fishing!

unique hull design

Feelfree designed the Dorado from the ground up with a focus on stability, tracking and performance made possible by the innovative cathedral tri-hull. The unique hull features two outer and one central pontoon with deep channels in between giving way to optimal on the water performance and primary (not secondary) stability with a capacity of 450 lbs! Whether you choose to stand up to cast, lean over to land a fish or just want to stretch those legs, you'll quickly feel the Dorado difference.


The Dorado already comes outfitted with several angler ready features including four flush mounted rod holders, cockpit lights, rod tip protection and a fish finder ready console with a deployable transducer mount. However, Feelfree knows that no angler is satisfied until they get a chance to make it their own and with the Dorado, the options are limitless with the UNI-Track accessory mounting system. The UNI-Track offers easy on/off accessory mounting capabilities without ever having to drill a hole into your kayak.

and everything else

Wait, there's more. If you are serious about kayak fishing, you already understand the value of the key features already mentioned but yes, there is more. The Dorado also comes standard with Feelfree's patented Wheel in the Keel for easy transport, the oversized Beaver Tail Rudder kit for responsive steering, plenty of storage areas from bow to stern and a reinforced standing platform coupled with a stand assist leash - yeah, this kayak has it all!

Feelfree's goal is to enhance your adventurous outdoor experience, making it the best it can be - and rest assured, it will be!

are you ready to experience the dorado?