Rotating Seat for the Dorado and Lure series

Rotating Seat

The new rotating seat for the Dorado and Lure series will elevate your kayak fishing experience! Born from the popular EZ Rider seat, this rotating seat provides 360° of rotation to enhance casting, fish retrieval, or just keeping an eye on your surroundings. Utilizing a simple "pull pin" locking system, the seat can be set to freely rotate or stay locked in a preferred position. Made from comfortable and breathable material for long days on the water. 


*Please Note: You'll notice the seat isn't a Gravity Seat replacement. This seat doesn't drop into a lower position, it only offers the one high position. The seat does install using the same connection points as the Gravity Seat. For transportation, we recommend removing the seat, or releasing the backrest to it's furthest reclined position.