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The Nomad is an all-round single person kayak ready to play in the surf, drift along slow moving streams and rivers or even for anchoring down in your favorite fishing spot while you cast a line. It combines a large ergonomic cockpit, comfort seating system and proven hull design to create an experience on the water that any paddler will enjoy.

LENGTH: 9' 6"
WIDTH: 29.25"
WEIGHT : 45 lbs (seat not included)
CAPACITY: 330 lbs

Model Specific Features
Deluxe seat
Rubber hatch
Drinking bottle holer

Standard Features
Wheel in the Keel
Molded in handles
Recessed fittings
Molded in paddle park
Drain plug

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United States United States
Great Little Play Boat

Whether you want a flatwater rec kayak, or something to run a class II or III river, or even want to play in the surf, the Nomad is up to the challenge. Primary stability is okay, but secondary stability is excellent, so edging is easy and feels secure. Very maneuverable and tracks reasonably well, even without the skeg. Personally, I like the maneuverability of this short boat and can live with the less than ideal tracking without the skeg. The storage cover is hard to remove and reinstall, but seems to keep the water out. The mesh bag keeps everything accessible. The small bungy on the water bottle holder is too short for a 40oz bottle, but works well for a 24oz bottle. The tank well in the back is large enough to hold a good sized dry bag or small cooler. The boat is stable enough to make a side reentry reasonably easy. Overall, a versatile and fun little kayak.

United States United States
Great first Kayak

I just bought my wife and I Nomads and are very happy with the kayaks. We are newbie's to kayaking so the only thing we have to compare them to are some Jackson Riviera's that we rented. The Nomad seems much more maneuverable and moves through the water better. The Nomad felt stable to us both and even when getting into and out of them (I am not the most graceful creature) I never felt like the kayak was going to flip. The storage hatch stayed bone dry and the wheel makes getting them to the water very easy. We will be putting some scupper plugs in, but are very happy with the Kayaks.

Peru Peru
Excellent Entry into Kayaking

Had the Nomad out for the first time yesterday. I took it out on the the Peruvian coast and altough I'm not an experienced kayaker, it did seem to track well, so no plans to buy the optional skeg and it went as fast as I expected. The primary stability was good and the seconday a little tippy, which didn't stop me instantly taking it into the surf and surfing some meter high waves. I was suprised how cleanly it cut through the waves rather than slapping over the suface, thanks to the sharp bow I guess. I will be considering the optional thigh straps to keep me connected to the boat. No problems with leakage after three hours at sea. I was wearing a wetsuit, so the water that collected in the seat area wasn't a problem, but don't expect to paddle this and keep a dry butt (perhaps consider the optional scupper plugs). The quality seems to be very good and the tail wheel came in very handy. I'd definitely recommend this as a first Kayak and look forward to future outings with the Nomad.

United States United States
Fun, multipurpose yak

The Nomad is an easily transportable, highly maneuverable go-anywhere kayak. The build quality is on par with more expensive Feelfree kayaks I've paddled and it offers a very dry storage hatch. I can't say it's waterproof since some water does get in, it's just so minimal that it's not an issue, but they also don't market it as a waterproof storage hatch anyhow - just know it's almost bone dry. It's fun to paddle and maneuver around in. It's very responsive to your paddling. The only gripe I have with the Nomad is the stability. I know we're talking a sub-$500 yak, but the stability is worse than that of cheaper fraction-of-the-price offerings from the big box stores. It's also upsetting knowing I could've bought a 10 ft Aventura for the same price and had a much more stable yak. My fault for not trying out a Nomad before I ordered. I paddled a friend's Sun Dolphin Aruba 10" last week after paddling my Nomad all day and was sort of shocked at how much more stable it was than my Nomad. It was just as fast and tracked just as straight, but didn't flip when I leaned hard on it's secondary edge. If I'm positioned in any way other than with my back straight-up on the seat then I can start to feel the stability of the Nomad wain and then I'm in the water. Perhaps this is the result of misunderstanding of the split-personality of the Nomad, but it's just so easy to flip it I've always been surprised. Admittedly, it's not a touring kayak, but it's really too easy to make the wrong motion and end up in the water. This isn't a characteristic of other surf or ocean kayaks I'm aware of so I'm not sure what's up with the stability.. It's not like it's incredibly narrow either. Don't regret buying the Nomad, but I just expected it to be much more stable than what it is.