Motordrive 48v - Kayak Motor & Battery for Overdrive


Say hello to the all-new 48V Motordrive!

When paired with your Overdrive Pedal System (required), the Motordrive instantly transforms your pedal kayak into an all-in-one patented motor and pedal kayak, delivering a seamless paddle > pedal > power experience. What sets the Motordrive + Overdrive apart is its unique ability to switch from pedal to power with just one click. Simply insert the motor into the pedal housing, and in an instant, your pedals disengage, and you're ready to go! The motor is controlled by a hand remote, allowing you to move forward and reverse and adjust your speed, so you can sit back and relax while the Motordrive does all the work. This combination offers recreational paddlers and anglers the ultimate all-day paddle, pedal, and power adventure.

Important: Requires that your kayak has a Feelfree Overdrive Pedal System (sold separately). See the "Compatibility" tab below or click here to view all kayaks that come with an Overdrive Pedal System.


The Motordrive is powered by a high-performance 48V battery (included), delivering unparalleled efficiency and a forward thrust of up to 40 lbs. The sleek digital LCD display keeps you fully informed about the motor's performance and remaining battery power. Test results show that you can enjoy up to 3.15 hours of continuous full-speed operation on a single charge.* Installation is a breeze, especially with the Dorado V2's innovative 48V Battery Box, meticulously optimized for this system.

  • Multi-Boat Compatibility - Use on any kayak with an Overdrive
  • Hand Remote - Full one handed motor control
  • Single Button Forward + Reverse Control - Up to 40lb forward thrust!
  • LCD Display - Real-time battery and speed performance
  • Safety Kill Switch - Emergency quick stop function
  • Emergency Hand Remote Motor Isolation Mode - Run the motor at half speed by pushing the "Limp Mode" button on the motor
  • Compact Design - Utilizes Overdrive unit, no separate system needed
  • Powered by 48v 20Ah Battery for maximum efficiency
  • Splash Resistant
  • Includes Carry Case

*May vary based on conditions (wind, current, etc.) and weight of kayak.


  • Weight: 11 lbs 
  • Size: 14.17" x 4.13" x 6.96"
  • Battery: 48v 20Ah (Included)
  • Battery Draw: 377 Watts (7.85Ah)
  • Thrust: Up to 40lb forward thrust*
  • Speed: Up to 4.5 MPH*
  • RPM: 1000 +/-10 RPM 


  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Size: Coming soon
  • Voltage: 48v
  • Capacity: 20Ah
  • Lithium Maganese Oxide

*May vary based on conditions (wind, current, etc.) and weight of kayak.

*We apologize for the inconvenience but the 48v Motordrive is not plug-and-play compatible with the Dorado V2 12v Battery Box. To determine if your battery box is 12v or 48v, there should be a 48v decal on your box. If you are still unsure, please contact us to help you determine compatibility. 

  • Motordrive
  • Hand Remote
  • Kill Switch Lanyard
  • Installation Cables
  • 48v 20AH Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • For Installation Instructions click on tab below