Arguably one of the most productive big fish baits in the world of bass fishing is the jig.  The mantra “jigs catch bigs” is the basis for many successful angling careers.  One question I’ve frequently heard from fishermen is “What jig skirt color is best?”  Jigs typically imitate crawfish but are also believed to mimic sunfish and shad.  With the number of species of crawfish and sunfish throughout the country and the amount of skirt colors offered by fishing companies, it is no wonder that many anglers struggle to narrow down their options.  One popular jig maker online offers 37 different color options while another manufacturer of jig skirts has 60 versions on offer.

I had the opportunity to ask Feelfree team members Chris Gomes, Elvis Lee, and Rick Garavaglia to help narrow down the list and share their favorite jig skirt colors.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Massachusetts Feelfree competitive team member Chris Gomes prefers the K.I.S.S. method when it comes to choosing skirt colors.  Keeping it simple is the foundation for Chris’s jig fishing, saying “My jigs are super simple, I only use three colors, black, brown, green pumpkin. Those three colors have been great for me, I don’t change what works. Keep it simple and don’t reinvent the wheel.”  Chris relies on those colors due to their ability to work in all water clarity conditions but often opts for black for truly muddy waters. Preferring to mix and match trailers and jig styles rather than getting caught up in what color skirt best matches the forage is important to Chris’s jig fishing, “The adjustments I am making are with the trailers more than anything.  Colors, sizes, removing legs from craws or cutting some shorter.  I’ll even get a little wild with my green pumpkin jigs by using a black and blue trailer.”

Elvis’s Blue Suede

Feelfree Pro team member Elvis Lee plies his trade out of his Moken 12 on the natural lakes of Minnesota.  Targeting offshore grass edges is the name of the game and for that, Elvis likes to show the bass something a little different, a green pumpkin skirt with bright blue strands on the bottom, known as Okeechobee Craw.  “I do this just to give the fish something a little different to look at and not get accustomed to just one color, especially if I’m sitting on a school”, Elvis shared.  Otherwise, Elvis opts for a bama craw skirt, consisting of more natural light browns and tan yellows, which he throws almost all year long. Like Chris, Elvis also prefers to keep things simple, “Those are the only two colors I use no matter water visibility.”

The Natural

Rick Garavaglia is no stranger to a jig having dragged many through the brush piles and boulders that make up West Virginia’s lakes and rivers.  The fourth-year Feelfree competitive team member shares the sentiment that simplicity is important, opting for green pumpkin, black and blue, and white.  “I’ll fish the green pumpkin in most instances, but when water visibility gets low I’ll switch to the black and blue or white jigs”.  Water clarity is an important factor for Rick but so too is forage species.  Rick had this to say about why he opted for a white jig, “The white I use is more of a crappie pattern that a friend started building for me.  The lakes here in central West Virginia have good crappie populations that the bass key on. The skirt is off-white with silver and black specks to mimic crappie better.”

 So, the next time you are overwhelmed staring at all the jig skirt options available to you, remind yourself to keep it simple.  Look for 2 or 3 natural colors and stick with them to build up your confidence.  If you feel you need to change things up for more bites, look into changing your trailer or jig weight. In no time you’ll be dialing in your jig fishing game and catching those bigger-than-average bass!

Written by Kyle Strother, Feelfree US Pro Staff Team Member

Edited by Bobby Ulrich, Feelfree US Pro Staff Team Member

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas laoreet, dui ut dapibus lobortis, orci magna facilisis diam.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas laoreet, dui ut dapibus lobortis, orci magna facilisis diam.

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