We take a moment to express our gratitude for your presence within the Feelfree family, alongside our esteemed sibling brands — 3 Waters Kayaks, Seastream Kayaks, Jonny Boats, and Feelfree Gear. The growth and success of our company and brands owe much to you, our valued community. Our appreciation extends to our dealers, partners, friends, families, dedicated employees, fishing team members, brand influencers, and, above all, our cherished customers.

The past five years have marked a dynamic chapter in our 15+ year history. From the introduction of new products to the expansion of our distribution network and the challenges of navigating the outdoor industry landscape during the COVID years, it has been a journey filled with diverse experiences. This past year, however, was unique — a time of reflection on the past and a commitment to forging a more robust path into the future. As we look ahead, our steadfast commitment remains focused on our mission: to provide the same opportunity for everyone to feel free on the water through the exhilarating experience of kayaking.

Our dedicated team is already hard at work, pursuing our goals by:
  • Continuing to expand and refine our distribution network, making it more accessible and cost-effective for our dealers and customers to explore our comprehensive lineup of kayaks and accessories.
  • Implementing new product development strategies to refine and evolve our existing product range while introducing exciting innovations.
  • Sustaining and enhancing our unwavering commitment to delivering the exceptional customer service for which we are renowned.
We eagerly anticipate another fantastic year with you and wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!

Happy paddling and tight lines!

Roland Jimenez
Feelfree US, Director of Marketing