If you're familiar with Feelfree kayaks, you may already know we also manufacture several other brands including 3 Waters Kayaks, Jonny Boats and now Seastream Kayaks along with a variety of accessories. If you take a closer look, you'll notice similarities between our brands including molded in handles, unique camo patterns, large adjustable comfort seats and the popular UNI-Track system.

Despite these shared qualities, each brand is certainly one of its own. 

Feelfree Kayaks - Kind of like your much older brother that everyone looks up to who was first to leave home and first to start a family. Feelfree offers a dynamic range of kayaks for a variety of uses - from a recreational series to some of the most advanced tournament ready pedal driven fishing kayaks available today. 

3 Waters Kayaks - The bigger, tougher, yet more gentle sibling you can rely on - designed from the bottom up to be one of the beefiest most stable kayaks available for those who want to flip a jig while standing with confidence while having the option to sit back with ease in comfort.

Seastream Kayaks - The good-times friendly sibling who also formed a clan of his own - offering kayaks designed for anyone who wants to have fun in the sun, explore new coves and rivers or just wants to fish all day long.

Jonny Boats - Yep, every family has that kid. Some call him a rebel but he just wants to go his own way. Jonny Boats, designed to offer freedom of choice with the ability to outfit, with pride, their own watercraft to fit their needs without being confined to the restrictions of human powered propulsion. 

No matter what brand you choose, you will immediately have a sense of satisfaction that you made the right choice. Our goal is to enhance your adventurous experience making it the best it can be and rest assured, it will be! When shopping Feelfree, be sure to ask your dealer about our other brands.

The Feelfree US Family of Brands