Feelfree Fishing Team Member, John Rapp, offers his insight on the Feelfree Uni-Bar and how it’s helped him become a more efficient kayak angler.

The Feelfree Uni-Bar accessory mount system allows you to quickly and easily mount kayak fishing accessories to your Feelfree kayak without drilling any holes. The mount system has legs that insert into Feelfree’s Uni-Track, which is available on all Lure series kayaks as well as the Moken Lite, 12.5 & 13.5. Once your Uni-Bar is secured to the tracks, you then use locking levers to secure the bar into place. You can slide the entire bar towards the front of the kayak or as close to you as you want depending on your seating position and activity on the water. Attaching accessories to the bar is easy using Uni-Track mounting plates. The plates attach to a track on the bar and can be moved left and right to your desired configuration. The Uni-Track mounting plates are compatible with most of the popular accessories on the market

I have used the FeelFree Uni-bar now for about three (3) months and view it as my command and control center when I am out on the water. I have slowly customized and configured several mounts to it such a GoPro mount, cell phone mount, rod holder and I recently got all the components together to add my older Hummingbird 383c GPS Fish finder to one of the Uni-Track plates (see image on the right). It’s no secret that Ram Mount makes great products. I have used several small ball mounts and screwed them down onto the plates. In fact, I actually have three ball mounts attached with no issues to one plate.

The Uni-Bar system has been useful these last few months while fishing the Mountain State Kayak Tournament Trail. Keeping my cell phone handy to take voice controlled selfies with my catches as well being able to use the GoPro App to see a live feed to ensure I have the best viewing angle from the kayak has been helpful. I also have my fish finder directly in front of me instead of being mounted on one of the tracks.

The Uni-Bar system also doubles as a pole mount/stabilizer, when trying to work two rods at once. When I float moving water, I usually throw a Senko, then place the pole down and troll the bait, while using another rod with a crank bait or spinner. If a fish hits the Senko, my pole is in an easily accessible position so that I can grab, feel and set a hook. I also have a rod holder positioned on the Uni-Bar so when I do reel in a big fish I can secure the fishing pole when landing the fish with both hands. I have also set a side space on it for my pliers, scissors and knife.

The Uni-Bar is an invaluable tool. When I have been out on the water without it, I feel like there is something missing and feel unorganized. Ask your local dealer about the Uni-Bar mounting system and accessories or shop online here.

John Rapp
Feelfree Fishing Team Member