Kayaking isn’t all about fishing. In fact, even as someone who loves to fish, it’s nice to get on the water for the sake of getting on the water. A little exercise and a little relaxation to clear the head. That’s why I thought it would be good to take out the Aventura 125, the mid-size boat in our touring line of kayaks.

The touring boats are fundamentally different than the kayaks used for fishing. Aside from the obvious visual difference that they are sit inside kayaks, the design is a bit more geared toward speed and distance rather than stability and storage. The Aventura 125 really displayed both of these key differences in my excursion to lake Fontana here in Western North Carolina as I made my way a few miles across the lake.

The Aventura series of boats come in 3 sizes, the 110 at 10 feet, the 125 at 12.5 feet and the 140 at 14 feet. All the boats offer the same features, including a comfortable seat, deployable skeg, adjustable foot pegs, dry hatch storage, and the ability to add a steerable rudder to the rear. They also come in a variety of colors.

My favorite aspect of this boat is the speed and handling. The boat really cuts through the water with ease, and allowed me to cover some distance in a short amount of time. Paddling was easy and felt productive, even with a light wind at times, or the occasional boat wake. It was also very easy to maneuver. Turning the boat as easy as sticking a paddle in the water. On the flip side of that, when the skeg was deployed, the boat tracked straight as can be.

Another notable feature of this boat, especially if you are coming from the kayak fishing side of things is the stability. While it will not offer the same level of stability as a dedicated fishing kayak typically meant for standing, I found this boat to be very stable. As someone who doesn't use this style boat very often, I was concerned about rolling in it. Though much like the fishing kayaks, it had a really good "catch" on the secondary stability and moving around confidently in the boat came quickly.

I spent 3 or 4 hours in the Aventura as I paddled around the lake looking for a comfortable spot to have lunch. The seat was surprisingly comfortable. I had my doubts that I would be comfortable with my legs stretched out for so long, but the seat offered the right amount of support and comfort for the journey. Staying comfortable while on the water gave me the ability to get up close and personal with the scenery on the lake to really immerse myself in the surroundings.

It also had plenty of storage for all my gear, and I didn’t even utilize the front hatch storage. I carried my lunch, a fishing rod and net, some light tackle, a variety of cameras and a backup set of clothes without a problem. The bungie system allowed me to keep the readily accessible items attached safely to the top of the boat in my dry bag, while the rest of my gear was stashed away safely in the storage in the rear of the boat.

Overall, this was a fun boat. It allowed me to get out and explore a body of water quickly and efficiently with all my gear while staying comfortable the whole time. It had me dreaming of overnight camping trips or future exploratory excursions on bodies of water that my fishing kayak may not be the optimal vehicle for. Check out the video below to take a closer look at the features and follow my adventure as I search for a secluded spot to eat a sandwich!