Feelfree US, recently promoted Competitive Team Member John Rapp to the position of Feelfree Fishing Team Manager and Pro Staff Coordinator. Rapp has been a team member for over 9 years and has a long history in the kayak fishing industry as a Tournament Angler, Tournament Director and Statewide Kayak Fishing Club Manager in his home state of West Virginia.

Rapp has been helping manage the team as an advisor for several years and was influential in the launch of the FeelFree SummerSlam, an annual customer appreciation event. More recently, Rapp initiated the Feelfree Fishing Team Monthly Podcast, taking on the role of host.

The Team Manager position has been established under the direction of Director of Marketing, Roland Jimenez, positioning Rapp as the primary point of contact for all of the Feelfree family of brands teams which include Feelfree Kayaks, 3 Waters Kayaks, Seastream Kayaks and Jonny Boats. He will also be assisting with managing and monitoring a variety of related owner's groups and the team's social profiles.

“John has earned his role as Team Manager for a variety of reasons but mostly due to his proven passion for the sport and dedication to Feelfree as a highly active and one of the longest established team members.” said Roland Jimenez, Director of Marketing for Feelfree US.

John Rapp was raised in West Virginia, where he developed a passion for bass fishing at an early age with his Grandmother and Father through high school. After a seven year stint in the US Army, Rapp returned to West Virginia and casually fished up until 2013 turning his sights on kayak fishing. In 2014 Rapp's passion for kayak fishing began with Feelfree as a pro staff member eventually evolving into a kayak tournament angler.

Rapp says he is looking forward to all aspects of his new role. “I am highly focused on continuing to assist new and current customers of Feelfree with the knowledge they need to enjoy the sport of kayak fishing. I am also excited to start working with our team at a higher level to grow our brand presence at kayak fishing tournaments both locally and nationally."

This position will also play a key role in working with organizations and companies that want to be involved with the fishing team to provide members the tools they need to be more competitive than ever. 

For more information, visit www.Feelfreeus.com/team.

The Feelfree Fishing Team (F3) was established in 2013 as means to help promote the sport of kayak fishing through a group of individuals who have a mutual passion for kayak fishing. Members of the team represent Feelfree Kayaks, 3 Waters Kayaks, Seastream Kayaks and Jonny Boats.