I wasn’t planing on going out today but my wife wanted to go to the beach and when she mentioned Ana Maria, I was in. Perico Bay is near so I thought why not give it a try? Not only is it Labor Day weekend but today also marks the official opening of Snook season since 2010. Every Googan imagineable would be out there searching for a linesider for dinner. Oh well, didn’t stop me!

So on I went paddling my Feelfree Moken north to a fishy spot covered with mangrove roots. A dozen casts with a Slayer Inc. SSB in Goldfinga produce a few anxious Trout with a nice drag puller about 23″ shaking me off at the last minute. The first storm started to roll so staying close to launch was a good idea. Been there done that and I was not about to go there again!

The rest of the day went very different than I expected. As the tide started to ebb, the Snook decided to feed. HARD! 10 landed and one nice thump that instantly left me jigless and re-tying for my next cast. Just as fast as the bite started, it stoped. Right on time as my phone was humming to the tune of my daughter wanting daddy to come to the beach. I’d say it wasn’t a bad day being the Holiday weekend and the Snook opening. Next time I go it will be for a lot longer period and hopefully add some Redfish to the mix.

Derick Burgos
Feelfree Fishing Team Member