We all have our “go to” spots where we know for sure we will land some fish but some anglers make the mistake of over fishing that one spot and over time of continued pressure and fishing the fish will eventually move. A very important key into becoming a great angler is having multiple spots to pursue.

When im out scouting new waters there are some very important key items that I look for before venturing out, one being sometimes the most important, grass and or structure, next important is bait and last but not always least is water flow. In most cases you find flowing pipes ‘ culverts ‘ you will find the fish. Sometimes you can catch fish after fish at the end of a flowing pipe where they lay and ambush bait being pushed out.

While out scouting and you have found these important elements take your time and thoroughly fish that area. In most cases ill just sit in my kayak and just watch the water. You would want to watch the fish movements or patterns, what they prefer eating such as shrimp or mullet being thrown out of the water, just simple thing to give you the advantage. Sometimes fishing you may not see all of the signs or movements, but if you just sit and watch you’ll be surprised what you actually see. We are also very lucky with all of the technology we have now days, simple to get on google earth and really scout from the air you will see all kinds of hidden treasures. Those remote areas will mostly hold those trophy fish.

Having multiple spots will be a great tool when weather is not on your side, one area may be unfishable and another maybe just right. It is also just fun to venture new waters and discover new areas. Good luck on your new adventures and tight lines!

Josh Crawford
Feelfree Fishing Team Member