Oh so many options, so difficult to shop for and where do I even start? Well, we understand the complexities of shopping for a paddler or kayak angler during the Holiday Season. They seem to have it all, or if they don't, you run the risk of getting the "wrong one". Lucky for you, we've got experts on hand, our very own Feelfree employees that have hand picked a few select items that will surely be a hit for anyone on your checklist that enjoys the great outdoors, kayaking or kayak fishing.

Enough already, here ya go:

Feelfree Gear Jazz
For Who: Anyone that enjoys the great outdoors or strolling around town
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by Maddie, Customer Service | Brand Manager

This little set up is a perfect choice for times when you need waterproof protection for just the necessities, keeping you free to adventure! This bag can be worn 3 ways, over the shoulder, across the body, or as a hip-pack around your waist. It’s small enough to keep in your larger bag, and grab it when you most need it.

Uni-Track Accessories
For Who: For Moken, Lure and Dorado + 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish owners
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by Jim, Bass Whisperer

Feelfree’s Uni-Track Accessories are quick and easy way to dial in your Moken, Lure or Dorado and even 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish series. Attach your extra rod holder, light pole, smart phone holder, fish finder - you name it, right on to the Uni-Track Accessory plate. Now you can easily attach or detach all your kayak fishing accessories without any tools. It's easy to slide and adjust. I like having 2 rod holders up front for Crappie fishing.

Uni-Track Bar
For Who: For Moken, Lure and Dorado + 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish owners
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by Dinver, Sales Manager

The Uni-Bar keeps all of my electronics and other accessories within a hands reach and also allows me to easily manage my tackle by hanging lures from the bait hangers. The integrated ruler makes measuring fish a breeze. I can add rod holders to keep my rods in front of me while fishing or trolling. Being able to move the Uni-Bar to my other Feelfree kayaks is extremely easy, all with no tools required.

Feelfree Gear Roadster 25L
For Who: The urban adventurer
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by Joel, Sales Manager

Being an urban and outdoor adventurer for 25 years, I have always been on the hunt for a waterproof day pack that “Does it All”.  After using the Feelfree Gear Roadster 25L, I was blown away by the comfort and premium features. With storage options for wet swimsuits/towels or dry gear (think electronics, first aid, dry backup clothing) my gear is always protected and secure. Additionally, the color options available allow me to personalize my style. Any adventure seeker should have this bag in their gear closet!

Feelfree Gear Crate Bag
For Who: The kayak angler
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by Dave, Warehouse Manager

I never saw the need to upgrade my old milk crate until I saw the Feelfree Camo Crate Bag. I was able to match the color to my boat and can’t believe how I have lived without one for so long! There is easy access to all of my release tools as well as plenty of room for tackle boxes, lunch, bug spray, sunscreen and whatever else I can’t go without during a day on the water. An added bonus is that it makes a great place to throw a sweatshirt or extra gear that I want to stay dry and safe as I splash my way down my favorite fishing run. Since it is so easy to rig I can leave my Crate Bag loaded and ready to go for those last second opportunities to get on the water.

Feelfree Cruiser 25L
For Who: The traveling outdoor adventurer
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by Joe, Customer Service Manager

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the Cruiser 25L is the travel duffel you want at your side, or on your back. Durable construction, level 1 water resistance, and a comfortable/versatile strap system (handle, shoulder, or backpack) keep me happy and my gear safe on long journeys. The Cruiser 25L is available in five vibrant colors. Check out all four sizes of the Cruiser line at www.feelfreegearus.com!

Feelfree Gear Dry Tank 40L
For Who: Anyone that enjoys spending time on or around water
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by Colby, Digital Media Manager

Shooting photos and video for Feelfree has my gear and myself exposed to the elements. I like the Dry Tank for it’s size and ability to protect all my stuff no matter what weather we run into. Plus, it’s backpack design makes it easy to carry from location to location. This bag is also offered in a variety of different colors and sizes for any adventure!

Feelfree Gear 25L Cooler
For Who: Anyone that likes to keep their drinks, food and fish cold
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by Roland, Marketing Director

The 25L cooler is the perfect companion to the one who loves spending their time outdoors, especially for long periods of time. The cooler fits on a kayak but can also be used at camp or on the beach to keep drinks, food and even fish cold all day long. I like the color options and graphics plus it makes a great gift item because who doesn’t need a cooler?

Still unsure? Don't hesitate to contact our team at info@feelfreeus.com and we'll offer some additional recommendations. If you are looking for a bargain, stop by our Clearance Section here, where you'll find year-round savings!